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Andoer 150cm Portable Mini Clip-on Omni-Directional Stereo USB Mic Microphone for PC Computer

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This computer microphone features high sensitivity, omnidirectional and stereo sounds output. "Plug and play" design, quite convenient to use, perfect..

Desktop Omni-directional Microphone with USB Port for Computers Laptops Portable High Sensitivity Mic for Conference Meeting Video Distance Education

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With USB plug to fit various computers, can be widely used in many fields, such as video conferences, distance education, Internet webcast, network ..

Handheld Condenser Microphone Multifuctional for Studio Recording Podcasting Live Streaming Smartphones Computer Karaoke with Audio Cable Black

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With high sensitivity and directivity, the high-quality metal body and condenser inner can protect from noise to improve the audio quality.Due to its ..

Lavalier Clip Metal Mono Microphone 3.5mm with Collar Clip for Lound Speaker Computer PC Laptop

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Clip Microphone to help you get music or voice.  FeatureClip Microphone to help you get music or voice.Uni-Directional Microphone with anti-noise fun..

Lavalier Clip Metal Stereo Microphone 3.5mm with Collar Clip for Lound Speaker Computer PC Laptop

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Clip Microphone to help you get stereo music or voice.Unidirectional Microphone with anti-noise function.Windshield improves sound quality by preventi..

Type-C Mini Lavalier Microphone Omnidirectional Condenser Clip-on Mic with 1.5-Meter-Long Cable Wind Muff Metal Clip for Smartphone Tablet Computer Professional Recording Video Shooting Online Teaching

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Omnidirectional condenser microphone, can pick up voice from all directions and reproduce original sound clearly without any cracking noise.Clip-on la..

USB Home Vocal Recording Microphones Desktop Mini Metal Tripod Stand for for Laptop PC Recording Online Chatting Singing Podcast

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This microphone is perfect for live broadcast and outdoor shooting. Compact and lightweight, anytime and anywhere to start use this product. Featur..

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